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From the Financial Times to the Wall Street Journal, leading publications are talking about the CBCV® methodology and Theta. So are industry pundits, analysts, researchers, business and finance experts, and a host of thought leaders via podcasts, webinars and more. Learn what they’re saying ─ and what it could mean for your organization.

The CBCV Story

Theta and CBCV are in the news and making news…

…driving change across the business landscape. Sparking a different way of thinking about the value of customers to businesses and how customers create value for businesses.

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Methodology in Action

Real-world analyses demonstrate the value of CBCV

There’s a good reason CBCV and Theta generate extensive buzz. When applied to companies like Wayfair, Blue Apron, Warby Parker and others, Theta’s CBCV methodology is on the money.

Here are just a few examples:

Research Driven

Extensively studied. Rigorously tested. Continually evolving.

CBCV sits on a strong academic foundation, built in part by these pivotal research papers from Theta co-founders Peter Fader and Dan McCarthy: “Customer-Based Corporate Valuation for Publicly Traded Non-Contractual Firms” and “Valuing Subscription-Based Businesses Using Publicly Disclosed Customer Data”.

The research is often referenced, and the authors themselves frequently quoted. Examples include:

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