We are excited to announce Theta’s rebranding and the launch of our updated website. These transformations reflect our growth and evolution as we expand our offerings and engage with a broader variety of clients/partners.

New Theta Website

Our services now extend beyond Customer-Based Corporate Valuation to enable more tactical insights to better inform companies and investors on improving customer value. These insights include:

1. Who your best customers are and how to acquire more like them. 

2. Which high-value customers are at risk of churning and how to retain them. 

3. Which customers you should develop to maximize their potential. 

These (and other) insights allow us to provide a full range of predictive customer value analytics, from individual customers to overall company valuation.

What’s in a Brand?

So what’s the story behind the name Theta, and our updated logo? 

In customer behavior modeling, the Greek letter Theta often represents churn – a key component of Theta’s best-in-class analytical capabilities. In financial markets, Theta signifies how quickly an option’s value decays over time, analogous to how a cohort of customers tends to lose value over time due to customer churn. This strong linkage between marketing and finance is what Theta is all about: developing and blending leading-edge features from both domains. 

The curve inside our new Theta logo signifies the kind of exponential growth that every company aspires to have, and Theta can help you achieve.